What a bomber year!  Honestly, I’m a very lucky duck to have explored some wonderful new locations and returned to some old favorites.  Thought you might enjoy seeing a few highlights. (click on any of the photos or the link at the bottom to see the full gallery)

Stop #1: Namibia, located 2 hours north of Johannesburg South Africa. The combination of exotic vegetation, animals and the highest sand dunes in the world was …I’m at a loss for words folks!

That’s me in (up escalator) Sesruim Sossusvlei National Park!  Fresh sand, zero footprints.

Pictured below are some Pachyderms (Etosha National Park) getting better acquainted.  Love is in the air!

A Quiver Tree forest, lit by a small crescent moon and ringed by the Milky Way below.  The shot is actually a 180-degree panorama accomplished by stitching 8 photos together.

Back in the States, late September/early October brought some extraordinary foliage & color to the Rockies.  My journey included Yellowstone, Teton, San Juan, Arches, Canyonlands, and Escalante/Grand Staircase National Parks.

The image below was captured while trying to outrun an approaching storm in Utah’s Castle Valley.  Ten minutes after the rainbow appeared, I was being pelted by 1/4 inch hail and 40 MPH winds.

The San Juans, in Southern Colorado, featured this fall’s most impressive color.  Starting in the town of Ouray, I ended up taking some extremely bumpy jeep roads to gain access to Aspen and Cottonwood groves ablaze in red, yellow and orange.

As for the most impressive mountains?  Hard to beat the Tetons!  Schwabacher Landing (below) is one of the area’s iconic photo locations!  A clear window of blue sky under some low lying clouds at dusk created the perfect conditions for a fiery sky.

The most unique place visited?  Visually, that’s got to be Iceland. Winter travel involved braving some high winds and a ton of rain.  Totally worth it.

A self-portrait featured below in an ice cave located in Skaftafellsjokull. The bluish glow comes from sunlight overhead penetrating the ice that forms the ceiling of the enclosure.

The town of Vik is home to exotic black sand beaches and majestic sea stacks.

The above shots just crack the surface.  Click the link to see some more of my favs! Link to best of 2018!

In the meantime, wishing you Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2019.

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